Simon David

Director and Producer

Visual Artist and Filmmaker, Simon David grew up in Geneva, Switzerland with a multicultural background. After getting a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the School of Graphic Reasearch in Brussels, Belgium ; Simon David integrates the corporate world by working as a visual director for Story To Line. After nine months, he decides to go back at his first love ; shooting documentaries.

Documentaries at the same time realistic and poetic, Simon David brings real stories to an almost fictional place. In June 2018, he quits the corporate life in Belgium and Europe to move to Atlanta to complete his first featured documentary ; Time And Place. Passionate about Lee Moses, David is interested in the complex relationship the musician has with the city of Atlanta. His questions and fantasies about Lee Moses guided him to Atlanta. In June ‘19, he completes Time and Place and leaves Atlanta to go back to Europe in Romania


Guillaume (Co-director), 2016

The Blue Pygmea (Director), 2016

Winter Wonderland (Director), 2017

Time and Place (Director), 2019


Mohammed A. Sheikh


Mohammed Ali Sheikh is an Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker from Pakistan with a passion to bring remarkable stories to the big and small screen. 

 In 2010 he was selected to participate in a project by the British High Commission, ‘Filmmaking for Social Change’ in which he made a film titled ‘Hello’. That film was selected and screened at the London International Documentary Festival where he was also a part of a panel of filmmakers flown in to discuss their work. Mohammed Ali has worked with Pakistan’s first Emmy and Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. Some of the projects he worked on revolved around combating acid-related violence in the country and to promote ‘compassionate’ thinking among the people. While at SOC Films he also worked on Pakistan’s first animated film called ‘Teen Bahadur’ on three children who use their superpowers to combat evil in society. This film released in 2015. 

Some of the other work Mohammed Ali has been involved includes making a documentary for ‘Vice’ called ‘An Unlikely Soldier’ (2014),  and a 2014 PSA campaign by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to bring awareness towards the prevalence of polio in Pakistan. His proudest moment came about the PBS documentary ‘Outlawed in Pakistan’, which was nominated for two Emmys in 2014 and won the award in the ‘Outstanding Research’ category. ‘Outlawed in Pakistan’ previously also received the Overseas Press Club of America Award and was nominated for the Grand Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival. Mohammed Ali is hoping to break newer grounds with every new film.