New Documentary Tells The Story Of Atlanta Soul Musician Lee Moses

Appearance of director Simon David on NPR Show “On Second Thought”

By Emilia Brock & Virginia Prescott

An upcoming documentary aims to highlight Atlanta soul musician Lee Moses for a new era. The documentary, "Time and Place," focuses on Moses' life and the soul scene in Atlanta during the 1970s. The documentary takes its name from Moses' solo album. The album has become a staple of Southern soul despite not finding commercial success when it was released.

Filmmaker Simon David stopped by "On Second Thought" to discuss the documentary and how it traces Atlanta's soul scene through those who remember it. Doris Moses, Lee Moses' widow, also joined the conversation. (…)



Right Time, Wrong Place

Shindig Magazine Issue #94

By Paul Ritchie

Lee Moses released a string of singles notable for their rough-hewn southern soul productions and an album that’s since become a cult classic despite not finding an audience when it was released. Yet little is known about Lee beyond basic biographical details and up until very recently, only a much recycled photo of the Atlanta musician was known to exist. A new documentary film is set to put the record straight.

The documentary Time and Place, produced and directed by filmmaker Simon David focuses on Moses’s life and the soul scene in Atlanta during the ‘70s. Simon describes his film as “a very personal insight into what Moses’ life was like”. In the film, Simon spoke to some of the musicians who knew and worked with Lee. (…)