Time And Place is a featured documentary on the one and only Lee Moses. It is a visual, pop and contemporary experience. Time and Place is was completed in June 2019. It is due to be screened in festivals from November 2019 and eventually aiming to have a worldwide distribution.

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Lee Moses (1941-1998), a music prodigy, is considered one of the greatest unknown musicians among Baby Huey or Sixto Rodriguez (Sugar Man). He was part of a soul scene in Atlanta between the 60’s and the 70’s. His one album, Time and Place (1971), did not take off. During his time in New York, Moses played with greatest, including Jimi Hendrix and James Brown. His music has now garnered a community of appreciation. Songs such as “Bad Girl” was used in the 2014 French film House of Tolerance and “If Loving You Is A Crime” was used in 2013 American film The Teacher. What makes his story remarkable is there’s not much to be found on Lee Moses. Even in his hometown of Atlanta, there are no physical traces of him. The locations where Moses once performed no longer exist. This film aims to connect the Time of Lee Moses with the Place Atlanta is becoming now.



People like to put names on things…put each thing in its proper little cubby-hole, all neat and nicely organized. This kind of cataloging makes everything easy ; when you want, you got it -and when you don’t, file it and forget it !! People like to do this to music and muscians too. They say “this dude’s a soul singer”…”that cat’s a pop singer”…”this other stud is bad with blues”…or “that brother blows some jazz” and so on.

But once in a while something happens; along comes a totally different kind of sound that either doesn’t fit any pigeon hole - or it fits all of them equally well - and we have to scratch around for a new name - a new tag. That’s where we’re at now !! Lee Moses has come up with that different thing that makes NOW his TIME and his PLACE. This is the LEE MOSES THING…it’s an out-of-sight kind of experience for two reasons : (1) you’ve never heard anything quite like the LEE MOSES THING and (2) it’s an added bit of fun and games to try and pin a name on this LEE MOSES THING.

LEE MOSES, with this exciting album, brings another new dimension to today’s creative groove. In it you can feel all the right vibrations… in this LEE MOSES sound you can relate to the background of down-to-earthness that makes him so much a part of today’s “sound revolution”.

As far as pinning a name on the LEE MOSES THING we’ve decided to let you go for yourself. We’ve tried a few like “Psycasoul” and “Souladelic” or “Funkapsych” and “Psychafunkie.” They all fit a little but they each leave a little out. We figure that if you’re the type of dude who has to put a name on something you might rather do it yourself.

So here, in its right TIME and its proper PLACE is the LEE MOSES THING to which we can only add the tag : “It’s a mutha.”

Jack Walker

WLIB Radio, New York

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